mini excavator, excavator, mini CR 11 OH - 1100 KG WITH OPENING ENGINE PART

Now available high quality crawler mini diggers CR11 OH with a weight of 1100 kg. At the best prices on the market a robust, powerful and proven excavator is now available only from us. DESCRIPTION: The big advantage of these excavators is the opening, rear engine section, which ensures easy engine maintenance and oil change without having to dismantle half of the machine. The robust protective frame for safe work (without the risk of machine tipping and operator injury) and a comfortable seat are another indisputable advantage of these excavators. These scoops are great maneuverable and compact machines and thanks to their acceptable weight they can still be transported on a trailer behind the car. The mini excavator can be used as a machine for a wide range of work tasks. These tracked excavators can be used with available accessories (from narrow and slope buckets, to drills and log grabs) for example in minor landscaping, new gardening, shifting and loading of soil, drilling holes for planting trees or building new fence, excavation work around from digging the foundation slab to new pool, logging and loading of wood etc. Possibility to see and test machines in our stock. Spare parts for bags then matter of course. Parts and accessories available in our warehouse. (wide stock). After agreement it is possible to remove Excavators and mini excavators at warehouses near Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň. (SMALL EXCAVATOR CR11OH


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VAT FREE Price: 5509 EURO- Price S VAT 6666 EURO CR10OH

VAT FREE Price: 5854 EURO without VAT  7083 EURO  Minibagr CR11OH (extra-axis)

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